International cuisine makes inroads

How many of you are fond of Japanese or Mexican food? Are there any takers for Thai and Spanish cuisine? I guess there are thousands who simply love dishes from varying cuisines. International food is no more alien to Indian taste buds. There are innumerable restaurants that serve a certain cuisine and specialize in it. They have a rapidly growing clientele, and are flourishing in their business, by adding new outlets in burgeoning cities. What are the factors that are driving these restaurants towards success? There’s more to it than just good taste.

People are travelling to other countries more frequently than ever before. This may be due to a job opportunity, a vacation abroad, or for higher studies. When they venture to places like France, Middle East, or Far East, they discover the authentic taste of food that originates there. With a mix of fine dining restaurants and street food outlets to explore, they enjoy a gastronomic adventure and bring back the taste with them to India. When they find similar taste at a place near them, they are quick to patronize it. Hence, the specialty restaurants have to ensure that they serve authentic food and do not completely ‘Indianise’ it.  The uniqueness is what is much sought after.

Another reason that pushes the business of serving international cuisine is the ambience. People now attach more value to the ‘experience’ of eating than ever before. They are not just satisfied with good taste; they want a complete package. The restaurants serving international cuisine often deliver this holistic experience. They create an ambience that matches the country from which the food served there belongs. For instance, many Chinese and Japanese restaurants have been successful in maintain the seating arrangements, decorations and style of serving exactly as it is in China and Japan respectively. They charge a premium for this, which people are ready to pay.

The exposure that people are getting to food from across the world, through television and internet is the third most significant factor that is driving the crowds to these restaurants. A number of contests are held between chefs and amateur cooks in various countries, and people watch these contests with interest. The quality and variety of food prepared on these shows being held in UK, USA, Australia and Asia entices viewers and they look for similar quality around them.

With all these factors supporting the growth of Lebanese, Thai, Spanish, Italian, Mexican and Japanese food in India, you need not look far when you search for some scrumptious international food. You will certainly get a place near you that fulfils your wishes.


  1. Very good article. I will be dealing with some of these issues as well..

  2. International food is certainly gaining popularity than before. Thanks to globalization.

  3. Kritika Salapakka

    I second that. Also, the ambience is good.

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