Fed Up of Procrastinating Learning? Download These Apps in Your Mobile

Gone are the days when you had to go to a library and frisk through the pages of books and magazines to obtain relevant information for your examination, research, office learning, professional tasks, etc. Education system has revolutionised to such an extent that it’s no longer a question whether or not you should embrace elearning tools.

In the technological world where everyone is hooked on smartphones for playing games, and chatting with friends or colleagues, such gadgets can be used for a learning purpose as well. Traditional way of learning has become all but monotonous and tedious, but smartphones can break this monotony and improve your learning style if you download these apps.

Apps for learning and scaling up your performance

Trello to stay organised throughout a task
Collaboration with e-learners seems a nightmare when everyone is scattered around the world, but Trello app helps you stay coordinated with your team whether it’s related to your office work or academic assignment. Trello is an all-in-one app which serves to the aims of professionals as well as students. Install it today and increase your productivity; it keeps you synchronised across all devices.

Mendeley – the best companion to bring research to life
Mendeley is the best app for researchers for organising and citing sources. With a few clicks, you can import all your research papers, citations and bibliographies directly from your browser. It also enables you to annotate your ideas on documents and share them with others. The app also facilitates collaboration with researchers across the globe. It requires creating your research profile, promoting it and joining groups where you can discuss your subject-related queries and doubts.

Wunderlist to synchronise your to-do lists
Wunderlist works the same way as Trello; it paves the way for keeping your life organised. You can organise your to-do lists, set deadline reminders, tick off complete tasks, and share your projects and tasks with your colleagues, students, friends, family or anyone. You can download the app free on any device such as iPhone, Mac, iPad, Windows, Android, and the Web.

Evernote – nothing will slip through the cracks
You can manage everything – from big projects to personal things – without putting your back into it. You can plan, make a list of your notes, ideas, set reminders and manage projects from any device. You can also share articles, web pages and documents with others in real-time and run it at home or work place. It is the best app that enables you to never lose track of your tasks and deadlines.

Wrapping up
Smartphone apps play a requisite role in organising and managing things seamlessly. Whether you’re a student, trainer, entrepreneur or an employee, these apps can help you complete your tasks errorlessly without missing out on deadlines.


  1. How to get rid of procastination without using any app?

  2. Proscatination can be got rid by breaking the huge section into smaller chunks and moving away from the distractions.

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