Role of E Books in research

To compare with around two decades back in 1999, E books were only in the corners; however, it started gaining popularity since 2007 and is on every second intellect finger tips now. Instead of this regard, there are many challenges in the reading funnel of an E book. One major and known by all is the interrupted role of librarians and other similar professionals in between.

Furthermore, the positive side to be drawn is on the part of researchers, who cite E-books in their knowledge bank. Unconcealed is the fact that research requires lots of reading to gain knowledge, generate new ideas and give their study a new sight. Thus, E books are all time requisite for a scholar. Even the universities now a day prefers online libraries or e libraries for their scholars. Olaf Ernst, president of e product management states that they have around 25,000 e books mainly for research scholars. The chunks of E books are really big because researchers do their daily research work online, otherwise the consumer market and knowledge industry has to explain has too many other ways and forms of reading. However, the benefits of E-books for a scholar are not limited here, the list is beyond –

  • E-books allow more learning style – Modern trend of learning includes watching videos, info graphics, and diagrams, E books is one among these. It also gives references of other source you can use and therefore increases the scope and span of learning.
  • Comforts learning as compared to traditional books – Researchers usually run with the shortage of time. Therefore, they need a speedy resource that is met by E-books. A search bar is of course one of the added advantage over traditional books. One can easily bookmark and take notes in the alongside content.
  • Quality reading – E-books are thoroughly checked by the publishers before uploading it on the website. Consequently, an in-depth knowledge about any topic is easily available in any E-book.
  • Refined content and virtual connectivity – Content available in the E-books are well researched and they can also be compared with other E-books available online. Also, a deep and arduous discussion can be done with the virtual world on any topic of your interest. This anyways will increase your knowledge base and will give a strong foundation to your research.


  1. Thanks for the tips, they are gonna help me in my new e-book course development.

  2. I preferred hard copy of book more than e-book, coz I think that if I read an e book, I wont be able to shut that down before hurting my eyes, but I gotta try once for sure.

  3. My friend is doing research thesis right now, and kind of stuck with the pace of it going right now, will definitely recommend her to go for the help of the use of e-books.

  4. E-books are valuable resource in research process

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