The expanding horizons of marketing content

Content for marketing does not seem to be content anymore with just words. You cannot say that ‘words are all I have’; there is so much more to claim the audience’s heart, attention and money. Script writers for advertising and similar promotional features are struggling to keep pace with the growing demand for fresh ideas. Whether it is print or digital media, it’s all a part of the content creation industry. Half a century back, it was just printed ads and marketers tried to write elaborate copies for their products, which would often cover half a newsprint page.

Then came the age of radio and jingles were born. There were music and dialogues to impress the listeners. This medium is quite popular even today and many brands prefer the radio for its ability to reach the rural masses in the most effective manner. Some years later, there came television, the most widely used platform for brand promotion. Now, marketers had not just sound, but moving images to tell their story. Constant innovation is being seen in this medium and dramatization has reached its peak in television ads.

While these are the most commonly known genres, there are many more formats in which content is created and presented to lure buyers. Press releases are one of them. In this form, marketers do not talk to the consumers directly, but through the medium of some news reporting agency. A press release or ‘advertorial’ can be commonly seen in newspapers and magazines. Nowadays, press releases on the internet are also highly popular. Talking of internet, how can we leave out the most rapidly growing format of video marketing? There are many websites dedicated to online videos, and marketers use them to play advertisements. Special storyboards are created for this medium, where the message needs to be catchy and engaging. Though it has more length than a typical television ad, the editing must be crisp so that viewers do not lose interest. Animation, images, dialogues, and written matter often form a part of such videos, apart from real people. Mobile content has also helped marketers reach a wide consumer base, though short and simple messages.

Whatever is the channel, an element of call to action is vital and content creators must not lose their focus. The mantra is to mix and match various elements to create content that is compelling and drives businesses towards profits.


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  2. Thank you, author, for sharing the valuable knowledge with us, and yeah, the horizon will definitely be ever expanding.

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  4. Relying only on the content is not a very idea

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