Rules for Website Content Writing

The web is a hub of all sorts of informations and is an ocean of knowledge about any topic you can raise your thought on. But, likely expected competition in any other field, web content also has a high level of competition in order to get more and more traffic and raise the rank in search engine optimization. Thus, some fundamental rules are set for website content writing that can give high rank to your website as well as the most liked content published on that website too. Those rules are as follows –

  • You should not forget to start your content with the SEO keyword, as it gives the most probable search prospectus to the content and thus the rank of your website will also increase.
  • Don’t try to be too elongated and creative when being straight and simple can give you, your expected result. For example – Using a full farmed sentence like, ‘A long stick to write’ instead of a single word ‘pencil’ can deviate the concept of Google, and it will never give your site the expected rank.
  • Never recheck or edit your work on your own as a mirror is necessary to show your image. Same is with content where it’s difficult to find one’s mistakes by oneself. Thus, prefer to get a website content editor to review your work and meet the expected level for publication.
  • Hyper linking another website of the same kind can also give a way to your website content writing. Even, you are afraid of diverting traffic towards other website; still you should link up another link on yours because your website is the only gateway for another too. Thus, it is mutually beneficial for both.
  • Cut, copy and paste is never appreciated, thus try to write unique content rather than copying it from another website.

However, following above rules can give your content a distinctive view.


  1. Interlinking your web pages is also an efficient point that is missed out here.

  2. The tips are quite helpful. Thanks!

  3. Thank you. Good for writing and editing.

  4. writing unique content is the most crucial point. I think that is all that really matters

  5. Great tips. Thanks!

  6. BUT i think review and editing is the major part of the whole writing process. Isn’t it?

  7. Avoid plagiarism and include long-tailed keywords

  8. If you are aiming to promote your business website, then add interlinks in addition to crafting niche content

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