Why are infographics so hyped today?

Content is still the king of the online world. However, to much surprise, the preferences of the people of its kingdom have taken a 360 degree revolution, and are having a great impact on nature of the king himself. Unfortunately, people have lost the patience to stop and read long paragraphs, and it is difficult for them to stay on a page for longer than 14 seconds, let alone spending minutes to understand complicated concepts explained in plain text format.

With the hectic work schedules and the hustle-bustle of urban life, people have a shorter attention span. Mere words on a page will not draw their attention, but a descriptive yet creative image with all the information at a single glance will have all the eyes on it. People are visually motivated and bounce to a different page if the content is not written attractively. Thence comes the role of an infographic!

Infographics are graphics with information, and according to the statistics, it has a whopping 85% retention rate. Infographics have increased in their online presence over time and are used as a medium to represent peak search interest. The infographic search volumes have increased by over 800% in merely two years. The visual graphic elements such as pie chart, wave diagrams, line diagrams, bar chart, and the like used to create infographics are high on attraction points and easily go viral on different social media platforms.

A compelling infographic with interesting information plays a crucial role in driving high traffic on the website.
Visitors share it on their profiles if it is worth it. Due to the viral nature of these creative pieces, they help in gaining quality links on websites which improves the website ranking.
Over 83% of people like to read information placed on images. In fact, usage of visualised content has increased over 400% since over the past decade.
Infographics are convincing and engaging with images, stories, and compelling graphics with the information.
An infographic generates visitors, backlinks, and are a great source of referral traffic.

The best infographic conveys a lot of information in a lot less space, and in a more engaging way! A capacity to generate approximately three times more leads than any content written following traditional writing norms, infographics have become a favorite for many. A wide majority of user report custom content more useful coupled with a lower cost per lead.
Hand over the task of creating infographics with crisp content written backed by an attention-seeking image and make it appeal to a broader audience!


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