Top three elements for social media campaigns

Social media sites are no more just networking platforms. They are a part and parcel of our lives. In fact, many youngsters communicate more on these networking sites, than they do with people physically present around them. This exposure to billions of consumers gives brands a unique opportunity to promote their products and services at minimal cost. They just have to create a great online campaign and reach the maximum number of people. This however, is easier said than done. A campaign needs to have certain qualities for it to succeed.

Firstly, it must offer something to the users. Nobody likes to get involved with a campaign if they are not getting anything in return. So, you have to make a strategy that gives some benefit by being a part of your initiative. It can be discount on your products, shopping vouchers, gifts coupons, or certain exclusive services, which are not available to others. Nowadays, it is common to promote movies online. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are some common networks, where movie updates and pictures are posted. People who participate in the campaigns have to share the updates on their own profile, and they get complimentary tickets or merchandise in exchange.

The second thing that matters is keeping your campaign focused. You cannot target all the products or services that you offer at a time. This will make it difficult to define your target audience. The demographic profile of the users you want to reach must be studied, and accordingly a platform for promotion must be chosen to get maximum return on investment.

Keep a track on the activity. There are various tools that you can easily use to track the response that you are getting. Twitteranalyzer is one, which tells about the number of followers your tweets are earning for you, number of time they get retweeted, and what others are writing about you. With this, you can also manage your online reputation; but more about that later. Social Mention and SocialToo are other tools, which help you to know the response of users to the campaign, comments made by them on your products/services and the number of times people search on social networks with your brand name as the keyword. A number of sites, like Facebook, YouTube, Digg and Twitter are tracked using these tools.

Obviously, it is not so simple to incorporate all these points in your social media campaign and keep tracking it, while you are busy managing your business. Take professional assistance and make sure that you get the maximum gains.

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  1. The points mentioned are true and essential but I believe that engaging content plays a very important role in social media campaigns. Interesting content will attract more traffic.

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