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Role of white papers in business communication

White papers are popular for marketing of new concepts and products, and are mostly used by Government agencies and established business houses. While they were traditionally used for business to business (B2B) communication, now they are also used to reach out to certain groups of consumers. Since these are created by the business houses and offer reliable information, white papers are looked upon as valuable resources.

What do white papers deal with?

White papers can deal with widely three categories of information. These are as follows:


These are the most common type of papers, which are written to support a product launch. They explain technical points about the constitution of a product and method of using it. It must be written carefully, so that it does not end up sounding like a user's manual.

Tips based:

This category of white papers contains tips and suggestions for using the products or services in the best possible manner. They may also share views from the company about the offerings.

Questions and answer based:

In these papers, a certain set of problems are solved in a targeted manner. Hence, they mostly take the shape of questions and answers. However, they must be demarcated from FAQs.

How to create value added white papers?

Keeping in mind the various types if white papers and the use to which they are put, creating effective white papers calls for a professional team. We have skilled writers, who study the target audience, and do a research into the technical complexities that have to be explained, or problems that have to be solved. Accordingly, they adopt a suitable style and language for the white papers. While keeping the business touch intact, by using requisite jargon and structure, they make the white papers easy enough to understand.

Getting Started

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