How to make your brand a leader

What makes people buy products or services that they spend on? Studies suggest that the decision is in most cases, a sentimental one. Though people use intellect and rationale to support their decisions, the trigger is set off on an emotional plane. So, as a marketer, you need to appeal to the emotional side of your target consumers. The best part is that you can do so by following some simple rules.

Every marketer follows the AIDA model, which is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. These steps will have the desired impact on buyers and help to sell your products. The mantra to follow these steps is to communicate to the readers in such a manner that they get a positive feeling. The promotional content must be high on action verbs and positive thought that makes readers believe that their life will definitely change for the better if they opt for the said product or service. Any marketer’s aim is fulfill a gap in the life of consumers and establish themselves as their preferred choice. The copy that is written for marketing must make these points clear enough.

If you are giving a benefit on pricing, do specify exactly how much profit buyers will be making. If there is a limited stock or exclusive offer, highlight that in a way that makes the readers will special. It is human nature to feel positive when one is considered unique or given something that others are not. Remembering Maslow’s Need Hierarchy theory will be helpful for you. It can assist you in addressing those very needs through your advertising copy. People are sure to pay attention and get engaged when a need is met at beneficial terms, and there is an improvement in their living standard. Make life easier, more relaxed, enjoyable, safe and emotionally satisfactory for your buyers and you will be their first choice.

Two elements that must be mentioned here are headlines and call to action. While the headline works on the first step and attracts attention, the call to action part is for the last step of initializing action. Write a headline that raises a question or makes a guaranteed claim. Getting assurance makes people confident about their choice. Draw them into the body copy with a catchy headline. The call to action must continue with the spirit of the entire content, and not fall flat. Simply a ‘buy now’ or ‘click here to buy’ may not work. Try something innovative and announce it with a bang. People love surprises. So, give them a fair share of surprises and promises, and you shall be on your way to the top.


  1. My website is doing just fine and I want to bring more traffic to it. That’s how I came across this blog. After reading it, i think that I’d like to change the content of my entire website. Lets see how that works!

  2. Thanks. helpful

  3. Headlines and call to action. That’s catchy and seems absolutely appropriate

  4. Th endings on a page, i.e. call to action is usually the same. I think that is the challenge

  5. There can be two main ways:
    1. Providing unique services and explaining them correctly to clients
    2. Providing quality service at a lower cost than the competitor

  6. Thanks for the tips. I will now have to work on the quality of my website content

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