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We are sure you must have disappointed yourself (at least once) in the past, with sub-standard content delivered by content writing companies for your evolving digital marketing and website needs. The good news is that you are not alone! In a recent online test, it was found that 76% content writers lacked creativity and had no original ideas about creative or technical writing. To overcome this problem faced by marketers and digital marketing agencies, Fresh Content was conceived by EMarketz India Pvt Ltd. in 2011 and has ever since been delivering contentment. The company indulges in writing, ideating, editing, and curating content which speaks for itself.

Who are our writers?

Like any other company, we also had access to the same talent pool. However, each of our writers has two specific attributes which make them different and desirable:

  • The writers were picked from a lot of 10000+ applicants throughout India through a rigorous evaluation and interview process.
  • Each writer has undergone 60 days of intensive in-house training on desk research, synthesizing and writing content.
What do we guarantee?

At Fresh Content, we strive for perfection on each project delivered. Providing quality content curated by a team of professional content writers adept with researching, compilation and creating 100% original content, is our sole aim. The reader value index of our content is very high benefiting businesses by way of more likes, shares, and re-visits. SEO articles/blog posts are meticulously written and reviewed so as to ensure high traffic on sites.

Who are our clients?

We work with a wide pool of client base from across the world. We have clients from the manufacturing industry, well-established E-commerce portals, digital marketing agencies, software companies, PR agencies and many more.

What content can we write?

We can write content for practically Everything; generic content, technical writing, content which requires lots of desk research, interesting blog posts, classified ads, PPT’s for web submission, research reports, EBooks, training manuals, website content, content for landing pages, and the list goes on.

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Meet Our Team


Geetanjali N

Sr. Content Auditor

770000 words checked
3315+ Projects

Geetanjali is a bachelor’s in English and a master's in psychology. She is a trainer with Fresh Content and trains writers and editors. She is serving as a lead content auditor for Fresh Content.


Dona K

Academic Content writer

270000 words checked
1710+ Projects

Dona is a senior academic content writer. She works on topics related to research and completes projects of white papers, research reports or industry insights.


Remo P

New Age Content Creator

190000 words checked
1430+ Projects

Remo is adept at suggesting innovative and new age ideas for content for traditional products and services. He has been a part of the digital media team as well.


Usha K

Lead Content Editor

475000 words checked
4830+ Projects

With long-term editing experience, Usha is competent to edit and refine blog articles, web content, and ebooks in an eloquent way.


Amrita J

Content writer

95000 words checked
1150+ Projects

With excellent creativity, Amrita writes mostly press releases. Her writing has a magnetic power that grabs the attention of readers.


Aditya V

Sr. Technical Content Writer

370000 words delivered
1835+ Projects

Aditya is a technical writer. He is a M.E manufacturing sciences and works on projects where technical knowledge is needed.

Guarantees We Offer

image100% Original and Custom Written Content
imageFree revisions
for 30 days
grammatical errors
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