Fresh Content is an initiative of EMarketz India Pvt Ltd. EMarketz India Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 company with expertise in digital marketing. Company has been involved in digital marketing since 2011 and is now working with over 2000 clients from across the globe.

Fresh Content is a unique content writing agency which ensures that the content is fresh, unique and has a high reader quotient. Reader quotient of content is a term pioneered by Fresh Content and is used extensively in training the writers at Fresh Content. A high reader’s quotient of a content indicates that the reader found value in the contents and wants to come back for more. Reader finds the content interesting or of value and gets a vibe to share or inform others about the same. Such content is rated with a score of 80 out of 100 and is considered content with a high reader’s quotient. A reader’s quotient of 60 to 80 may be an interesting read but will have less chances of being shared. Such a content is referred to as content with average reader’s quotient. Any content below a score of 60 is considered having low reader’s quotient and not worthy of publication on the internet.

At Fresh Content, the company has dedicated resources for research, writing and editing the content and also has a team of contracted freelancers who work on specific projects. Having delivered over 35000 documents till date, Fresh Content is the probably the largest content writing company in India.

Company is based at New Delhi, India and has a dedicated has dedicated client services, operations and accounts team. You can choose to reach out to the client services team at .