Tips and Tricks to Generate Interesting Content

Content writing is a buzz word these days. As internet has penetrated in almost all houses, people are getting used to work from home and getting engaged in content writing. If you too are one among those who want to make it big in this stream, then try to follow the below mentioned tips and tricks to be a successful content writer:

Tell a story: Try to narrate a story by using interesting facts and personal experiences. Use as many metaphors, anecdotes and analogies as you can when creating content. Try to integrate your real life into your blog content. Share your personal experiences your audience can relate to. The one-on-one connect with your readers would hence help in generating more hits for your content.

Show yourself: Put a brief author bio at the bottom or side of your blog. Take feedback from your audience, and be open to questions. Your introduction would help in your image-building and would add a base to your profile.

Don’t be scared to express frustration or show emotion: As you express your feelings on blog, don’t shy away from sharing your grudges, frustration and emotions as it may bring you right next to your reader. Be transparent while writing your blog. The honest expression of your feelings would add a real experience to your blog.

Empathise with readers: Get into your reader’s shoes and see what issues do they have. Write about your experiences and show them how you overcame those issues. Hence you can become a guiding soul to them.

Eliminate distractions: Content should be focused on a single task and there should not be multiple angles to it. The more angles you put, the more distractions it will bring thereby adding more confusion to the blog. So be simple and straight by maintaining clarity in your blog.


  1. Tell a story is an interesting point! Though I am not too sure about expressing your frustration. Wont that backfire?

  2. Yeah, even I don’t think that expressing your frustration in writing can be a good idea

  3. It can be catchy for those who are in actual frustrated. You know, hit a string.

  4. People rely on the facts which are written on internet. So I think most importantly, the content should not be misleading.

  5. How to build a great story around a trivial topic?

  6. preliminary research before writing anything would do a good job.

  7. You can express your emotions but do not over do it

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