Online mentoring programs and benefits

With the advent of new technology every sector has been utilizing it to the full extent to reap its advantages and education industry is no different. One such place where technology has benefitted most is also the mentoring concept. Earlier the mentor and mentee used to meet face to face at one location convenient for both and spend some time on building their career. This situation requires lot of planning, convenience and time requirement. With the help of new technology all these can happen in a matter few minutes itself. Now mentoring can be done online using chatting or face to face calls through applications like Skype. They can also share the resources apart from discussing their problems and views. With the help of online mentoring the mentor can provide guidance to more than one mentee simultaneously. This will help in creating the network then and there.


With online mentoring the meeting can place frequently and enhances the values. However people must need basic literacy skills and computer knowledge for e mentoring programs. Online mentoring also reduces the barriers of distance, time, cost and other issues. Online mentoring can help in streamlining the program management, connects the remote workforce, students and other, ensures consistency, and has headroom adaptability. Online mentoring also has become a new business these days with many virtual mentors providing their services for students and professionals. Other benefit of online mentoring is that the session can be stores and review whenever necessary. This overcomes the difficulty of forgetting things. In future the online mentoring programs can expand and reach more number of people benefitting them. With more number of people taking up online mentoring, more mentoring programs can be taken up helping the students, mentors and mentees also. This is most convenient method of mentoring and has many benefits.


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  2. I think mentoring ‘online’ is a new concept. I haven’t read about it much.

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