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If you are faced with a whole lot of hurdles and obstacles in the furtherance of an idea or a product, you probably belong to the marketing lot of businesses. With rising competition and the never ending targets, people are constantly posed with challenges and innovative measures need to be found to overcome the challenges. In the field of marketing, you have no other choice but to be different in your approach if you need to get anywhere with your product. There are some ways through which brands are now getting desired results.

The most common method is to be in the face of the prospective buyer with the help of boards and hoardings, on roads, bus stands, highways, railway station and on and inside buses etc. This is a method by which marketing stays on in the subconscious of the buyer and the buyers end up buying what they remember the most.

Another effective way of marketing is to lure the customers into buying by using the ‘goat to trap a tiger’ method. This means that offering freebies to buyers compels them to invest in a product where they see more value for money in terms of getting two or more things in the price of one.

Using the internet and the social media is another popular and extremely effective method of marketing that has surfaced in the recent times. Companies use websites, social media, messaging, applications and other such similar mediums to get to their target groups. This is an innovative and result oriented method that more and more business owners are now resorting to reach their goal.

Finally media advertising through television and radio is the most tried, tested and successful method in marketing. This method helps in reaching all strata of crowds and through mediums that they use the most.

Marketing is an interesting instrument to achieve sales, when it is done with a twist, it has been most effective!


  1. I am a businessman and I believe that an innovative idea is not as essential as the marketing strategies are. I second the above tips, they are indeed, quite useful.

  2. Thank you for the tips. quite resourceful

  3. Marketing is a good strategy, without which its impossible to succeed but funding marketing is yet another challenge.

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